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Web Site Design and Graphics
I specialize in smaller business or personal Web sites and can provide some e-commerce features (such as PayPal). If you know how you'd like your site to look, I can bring your design to lifeor I can create something eye-catching for you based on what you'd like your site to convey.

Web design includes a customized design with a full set of graphics, set-up, and any necessary maintenance and technical support. I will also help you secure a domain name (www.yourchoice.com) with optional e-mail and find a Web hosting service with the features you need at the best possible price.

Here are some ideas to ponder before we start:

* What image do you want the site to convey? Use adjectives such as modern, professional, colorful,  muted, fun, or classic.
* What service or information do you want the site to provide?
* Are there any images, colors, or styles that you associate with your content?
* How much maintenance will your site require?

Misspellings and grammar mistakes aren't the biggest challenge in producing a stellar document. The more common problems—which can be difficult to fix—are narrowing the focus, organizing the material, and ensuring that transitions flow smoothly. I can help you refine the "big picture" as well as the small details. I can also format your document in a style that will provide a professional appearance and manageability for later changes.

     * Books and stories
     * Presentations
     * Letters
     * Reports

     * Manuals

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